Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iz the Wiz wuz and still iz a true king! R.I.P

Yesterday marked the passing of a true legend in Graffiti history. If the name wasn't catchy enough, he master blasted his name into fame for the city to see in the glory days of subway train graffiti. He is and was what graffiti should be, and how it should be done. The word king and legend in graffiti is a well scrutinized, but I don't think you will find to many protesters of this mans creditability in sitting on the throne. He lived the last years of his life paying for his graffiti career, he had been suffering from what I think was kidney failure due to the aerosol fumes, and dust from painting in the yards for hours at a time emptying hundreds, maybe thousands of spray paint cans. I had the pleasure of meeting Iz in 2002, He was going through dialysis at the time for his illness, and he was so cool and humble, and would talk about, and tell stories about almost anything we asked him of those golden years. He is a legend in my eyes, and impacted me and the way I looked at the culture, if you have the chance check out the extra footage of him being interviewed in the style wars outtakes. It will change your life. Heres a few personal photos and pics taken from other sites, The one time we hung we even got him to do some slams on a mailbox outside the spot we were eating at in NYC! Rest in peace Mike"IztheWiz, Izzy, Ike..

I'll tell you what the day this pic below was taken Iz made the other 6 people in that photos day, And I'm sure he has done that with so many others who he has crossed paths with.

F%&* Bloomberg! and mind you he was living in Florida at the time! NY blood running through his veins!

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