Sunday, June 7, 2009

sundays in a sunny daze words of magical yesterdays...

Super nice weekend in Philadelphia, It's NOT always sunny in philly, but this weekend gods flashlight was beamin' the kids were flamin' in a town thats rammin... It has been a crazy week in the city, with teenage riots, rapist being caught on the street and beaten with A 2x4, and a 28 second stick up in Boyds department store netted 350 thousand dollars. Heres a few things that spark electrons in my brainial.

layin' on the floor Vans bleedin' watermelon chunks

Purple haze kinda related to the purple would have been cooler if he used the purple tape! if you don't know about the purple tape, then you should call DOC and see if he'll lend you his car!

Peace out premiere take me out with the fader.....This pic is monkeys it depicts my early teenage BMX years!

Anyone catch the bike race this weekend? I watched it in 8bit heck with hi-def.

Bootlegnist China

Early wall writing...Bad+Luxury wuz here!

Vintage american muscle....

My basement was haunted with old soles of teenage ghosts...

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