Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bad Luxury new years brigade!

As 2009 falls victim to the not so merciful hands of time, try to embrace the good times had, and learn from and move off of the bad decisions and tough times through a rough year. 2009 was A celebrity graveyard, and an economic shit pit... Bernie Madeoff with a lot of peoples money, the unemployment office was hiring, but no one else was. Who cares for healthcare, no really who is going to foot the bill? The government bought a car company, a few banks, and a bunch of clunkers, but there is still no economic growth, what was the point! The Phils gave us another great season, A.I. is back in town, and winning is for the BIRDS right now! Kanye west did what he does best...Be an idiot!
The only person who started out in life as a poor black kid and died as a rich White woman passed this year, thanks for the thrills!
2012 is the new y2k...Vampires are the new black, lumberjack plaid is all the fad, peeps tweeted on twitter, youtube hit was the NOMASxDoc Ellis Psychedelic no hitter....The media was goo goo for lady gaga, another year in Afpakistan looking for Osama...witnessed American history when we welcomed our new Prez Barrack Obama....
The mummers will be strutting down Broad street tommorow to bring in 2010!
Parades rule, and so does tradition, making this an amazing New Years celebration, if you've never been than you wouldn't understand how fun it is.

2009 marked the end of the infamous SPECTRUM, the Flyers sent the Russian red army packing after using a little too much brotherly love!

Happy new years to each and everyone, and best wishes for a healthy happy new year to come!

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