Sunday, January 3, 2010

of mice and men in 2010 its still a rat race....

New year new look. To all those that drop in on the bad lux vert rampart, thanks! and I always appreciate the feedback, bad or good, or bad meaning good how ever you want to give it...I try to make posts that are relevant to me but I don't always know if the love and passion transpires to the droppers by or even the locals. We are going to try and step it up a notch this year and add a few outings, collaborations, more tees, zines, art, et etc.. alongside more interviews and edutainment. Hope you like the new less fancy pants template, its still the same number same hood, it's all good.. baaababay baby! So please just sit back an enjoy the ride, and lets see where the road ahead takes us...Peace!

itune boom box:
Tom Verlaine-Tom Verlaine
Sleepy sun-embrace
Blacklisted - No one deserves to be here more than me

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