Friday, January 15, 2010

freedom friday!

As we slide into the weekend, and the work week comes to A coasting halt, we all make plans to do what it is in our time of leisure that makes oneself happy. I feel blessed to have been born in America and to have been able to live with choices of my own expression, and practice. Seeing what happened in Haiti this week, was a reassurance of the privy life that we live in the good ol' USA. It is good to be able to help out a less fortunate country in such a time of need, even though things on the home front aren't all that well. We all have our tiffs and disbeliefs with some of the US policies and choices, but one thing is for certain I wouldn't want to have been born any where else in the world besides here. I often spend weekends in the country sides of the East coast, and I always point out to my wife that almost all the homes fly a flag in their yard. It always makes me smile when we drive by 5, 6 , 7 houses all in a row with flags flying high and mighty. It's a sense of patriotism that we all should share when we venture through life, not forgetting the past and being proud in moving forward to a better tomorrow in the melting pot we call home, and when it comes down to it I like to lean on the tougher of mottos...Love it or leave it!
Heres A few pics that were sitting restless on my computer they all portray the visuals for the wordage I was trying to capture.
Viva Americana!

Sleepy sun- Embrace
Blues magoos- psychedelic lollipop
Siouxsie and the banshees-peepshow

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