Sunday, January 10, 2010

Psychedelic relics...Far out!

As soldiers returned home from WW2 they found the motorcycles being made at home to be heavy and unsatisfactory, The big Harleys and Indians were much bigger, and bulkier then the bikes they had ridden in Europe. Those bikes were sleek, light and fun to ride. As returning veterans began to hang out to relive some of that old war camaraderie they had experienced while on tour in Europe, they realized that the bikes needed to be modified in ways that Harley, nor Indian were going to do. Thus starting biker clubs and the beginning of the chopper(bobber) mods. The goal was to remove all uneccessery parts and fenders that added weight and didn't serve a reasonable purpose. As the removal and modification started as did the creativity, and ideology of customizing a motorcycle. That ideology was of genius, not to abandon these american companies and buy over seas brands, they just stuck with American bikes and streamlined the factory design and played with the motors, while finishing with a personal touch or flare. Backyard builders and mechanics were taking to the task, learning how to strip down and rebuild bikes, weld and put back together a new finished product. Well, what better to top off a custom product that portrays to the passer by's who you are or just your little bit of individualism amongst all the other factory bikes or custom bikes alike then a fresh paint job. I was hipped to this cool art by my friend Den(the peace maker;), who is so entrenched in learning the history and technique that these early guys were doing. Here we are some 40 years later still in awe as to the trippy, or bad a$$ style tanks that were being made during those days, and trying to keep the spirit alive of, in a bland cookie cut world of chrome ad on parts to a 30 thousand dollar factory bike. These tanks are old & new, and new meant to look old, and vary in theme but they all were the cherry on top finish to a custom build. I titled this post with groovy intent, but chose not to harp on the late 60's and 70's daytripper psychedelic inspired stuff, because it wasn't for everyone, but it was definitely neato. Here are some of the tanks that I find way cool.

Heavy Rotation:
The Doors-Waiting for the sun
Dead Meadow-Dead Meadow
Ian Brown-My way

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