Sunday, January 10, 2010

SURFS UPtown...Urban surfin'

Over the weekend A friend and I were busting it up about local legends, and the conversation weaved in and around various parts of the city, various young gangs, and kids that remain infamous amongst a subculture that is enriched in urban myths, and war tales of friendship, thrill seeking, ball busting, law taunting, fame collecting, and even death. One of the deaths that we were talking about was A young Philadelphia man who went by the name Hawkski or (HS), and how he had been killed train surfing an El train. I had known that HS died in a train related accident, but I had never heard that he had been surfing trains, and that was ultimately the cause of his death.( R.I.P) It seemed like the ultimate form of thrill seeking and walking the edge of life's uncertainty , so I decided to see if there were any videos on the tube of vintage train surfing, didnt find any but did find some other vids that blew my brainials. WATCH THIS ITS AWESOME!