Monday, September 6, 2010

America works best when we say UNION YES!

LABOR DAY, celebrating the hard work that has built the greatest Country on earth, and lets not forget that it takes that same hard work to maintain and keep it A great place... Organized labor established A standard of what one should rightfully be deserved of in the workplace. Ask yourself A question, without A standard what would your wages be based off....? The lowest negotiated immigrant wage? Some might be critical of unions, rightfully so at times, but one thing is for sure, You can thank organized labor for creating A the weekend and a 40 hour work week! Fight for your right to unite, A union is a voice for the people and without representation who is going to be that voice, when you feel you are being treated unfair. Younger generations need to help keep the labor movement A priority in the workforce, so all that was fought for before us can continue to ensure that you get what you deserve when you work hard. This is A semi union rant, but I feel that it is important in this economic state, for us to stay strong and not fold, and not allow these companies to let greedy low pay of immigrants to dissolve An american standard of living set by labor unions...Hey, if you want to work for $5.00 an hour, no benifits, no retirement or 401k then this post is not for you...

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