Sunday, September 5, 2010

Zoom Museum...

Yesterday took a ride out to the Simeone Museum in south west Philadelphia to check out the vintage Triumph motorcycle exhibit, and to see the amazing personal collection of sport and race cars. The collection of vintage autos is mind blowing, up there with the Jay Leno's and the Ralph lauren's of the car collecting world. The presentation is great with Hand built, and painted backrounds that compliment the cars career or country of origin. If you're ever in town make the pit stop and see some really neato cars, and if you live in Philadelphia go see yet another little cool museum that our city has to offer.

Plus they drive and demo them and give a little history behind the car each month...(FACT LEARNED ON MY VISIT....TESTAROSSA MEANS RED HEAD, NAMED AFTER THE RED PAINTED VALVE COVERS ON THE ENGINE.)

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