Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lux meaning Lux...

If politickin' is the 5th element of hip hop then chains have to be the 6th element of hip hop...As far back as rap music goes A custom chain was always part of A rappers repertoire, call it A status symbol of sorts if you will, the bigger the chain the more doe you were sitting on, or for some it adorned your street status depending on what nick nack you had hanging from your cuban link or your 40" cable. Some wore their chains so long that they banged glass tables, others looked like A Mr.T X Liberachi X Dapper dan collabo, others were shook ones and tucked their chains... As time withered through the hour glass the chain held it's position within the game, only being dressed and bedazzled with the finest or fugaziest jewels man could find. Lets just for conversation sake call it "bling!" Bling became the new status quo within the chain game, and the more bling became the more king. But like anything time strangles the coolness out of everything, and even A girls best friend became A little lack luster once every video and every magazine had every rapper draped in diamond costumes, including teeth, glasses, chains, hats, shirts, watches, earings, etc etc... So, what was next for the chain, was it doomed and on it's way out of the game for good....Helllll no!! Enter my favorite period of the chain game...A true definition of Bad Luxury....Chains with the most obnoxious intent and creation, the biggest, silliest, most colorfully bedazzled charm you can think of hanging from some sort of necklace...What is next for hip hop's beloved chain???

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