Sunday, March 20, 2011

weekend warrior..

Been busy like monday morning, and haven't really been blogging in, so, I wanted to do A weekend photo blast of some things that I came across this week, or that were sitting in A file folder waiting to be reincarnated back to the cyber world...I hope to get back in the saddle and get things moving along a little more often, it would also be nice to have A few of the other Bad Luxers fill in the voids...Til the next time.....
All dressed up like A union Jack...Awesome hands awesome photo...

Awe 2 is awesome too..

Greys Ferry, Philadelphia.. Zodiac Vanster..

Some day in the very near future...

Have A drink with the Bad Lux death dealers...we don't bite!

Some day in the very far future...

Motocycle-or motorcycle?

Teen Idol.

If you know what these are leave A comment or shoot me an email, and I will send you A free tshirt....true story! I need these in my lifestyle!

VW Bugs are timeless, and hot rod Bugs are way (radiculous..) NEW SLANG---- Bad Lux approved!

This is my idea of how A fitti' master blazer murder burner should look!

Mozpanther and King Yellowman... way cool tatskibops..

Theme fitti' always catches my eye..catch me if you can..Mover!

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