Thursday, July 14, 2011

we are the beings born unto the stars...

Bad me an i n G Gee double oh dee..... Word play related to i4ni....

Kerly Q 152 fuzzy FuQ!

Lush....thats is way funny! If you don't get it that's ok its ingenius!

Area 52 related to KerlyQ 1

Johnny Gues electric tattoo magician...with A passion for fashion.

Imagine an America that...

Let the mother fuQer burn burn mother fuQer...Camden NJ. Someone has been burning abandoned buildings down.

Anyone remember dressing up your bike up with as much red white and blue for A fourth of July parade As A little buckeroo?

purple panther thugmatical fitti sprayist!

Young Michael in 2011

You are adored...both of you!

Living legends related to know the ledge, or rather know your legends...Bob Mackey factory Indian motorcycle racing legend, and all around pretty much the coolest person I have met in A long time, Bob and his family have rich history with INDIAN Mottorcycles dating back to the late 40's and A lifetime of stories and photos dedicated to Americas first motorcycle company INDIAN MOTO CYCLES!

2 Cool tats...An employee at Bob's indian reservation was adorning...

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