Sunday, September 25, 2011

"You can't be street smart with A weak heart" Weak-end wisdom from our own G.Hirsch

My cuzzy young Edmund isn't so young anymore...He just turned twentyFUN!!!

Not related to cool hand luke...but stillcool.

Way Bitchin'

H-D racers...stay tuned!

"Clean cut american kid momma raised me but I aint no skid. I got A job I'll pull my own, I got A place I can call my home"

Native Americana...Moto Cycle related!

Not related to crystal meth...but the thrill that will scare you to death...

Hinch equipped is what I need in my lifestyle..

Shawn Save, if you see this on your thrifting adventures be sure to keep me in mind...

I fancy this type of behavior...

Den, I'll sell it back to you when you come home from Cali for twice the price...DEAL?

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