Saturday, January 21, 2012

wore stories...

Have you ever seen the 80 year old guy who's arms are adorned with tattoos that have basically turned into green blobs, many of these men got their tattoos over seas during wartime. These are my favorite tattoos to come across because most of these men have a great story to go along with the tattoo, or they have no recollection at all... I always try to sneak a look at the images, and based on the situation may even drum up a little small talk about the tattoos, and perhaps snap a pic if the convo goes well. As time slips into the future the WW2 era military tattoos are vanishing forever only to be remembered in a picture or a story. Heres to the gents that went to war and wore their warpaint til the day they died. Heres a few from the web to color in the post.

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