Thursday, February 2, 2012

Funk Dat, Get Outta My Face...

...The blog has been sleeping. Anyway, we here at Bad Luxury are a positive bunch, well not me really, but in the benefit of mi amigos on the blogosphere I try to keep my blogging like my report cards, all C's, Cool, Calm, Collected. Sometimes though you just have to say FUCK (insert whatever). So here is what will now be my annual Fuck that post...

Eli Manning....Fuck Eli Manning. Period.

Mushrooms....Fuck Mushrooms. Period.

The Roots....Fuck The Roots. Go chew and choke on a chew stick.

Birthdays....Fuck Birthdays. More so fuck people who celebrate their birthdays as if its "their day".

People who are always looking over your shoulder when you're working. Or when your working in a building and they keep walking by and looking in the windows like it concerns them and then start asking you questions. Or people that see you doing something hard(pause) and they say something like "Working hard or hardly working?", i always reply fuck you and then smile. But fuck all of the above.

Fuck scuffing your sneakers. I know its not cool to wear sneakers now. Its vans only, and how much damage can you do to canvas. But still the fact remains, fuck scuffing your sneakers.

And last but certainly not least...

The first annual Fuck That award winner of the year for all around being a total FUCK THAT on all fronts Tommy Rebel. Fuck Tommy Rebel. Fugazi ass bootlegging snake. Ill be in New York this weekend so holler at me if you wanna get your tubby ass stretched like some Grimaldi's Pizza dough you snitch.

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