Saturday, November 8, 2014

CC not related to emails….

In the motorcycle world everyone is familiar with a "club cut" sleeveless vest adorning the name of the particular motorcycle club, it's jurisdiction, affiliation etc. The car clubs of the 40'-50's wore clothing that represented their pack as well via Car club jackets, usually a letterman style,or mechanic jacket mostly wool, or satin. These clubs tend to have clever names usually based around a car part or hotrod slang, with a mascot that depicted the clubs name in cartoon-esque imagery usually chain stitched or made into a chenille patch sewn on the back of the jacket. This post was inspired by a few club jackets I saw at the Carshow, and Race of Gentleman in Wildwood,New Jerey. The Oilers CC/MC is for sure carrying on their clubs tradition in vintage fashion and style.

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