Friday, November 28, 2014


In the last few years I've fallen in love with the reclaim, repurpose movement of old fashioned goodies. "Knees in the Breeze" first put me on with reclaim/repurpose when he bought the wood from a Barn being torn down up around Lancaster, Pa. So he could redo the flooring in his south Philadelphia Humble abode. When he was finished milling it down and installing it looked amazing, filled with age and character it brought a great vibe to his house. I started to pay attention to the value in antiquated items and or materials that have been replaced with todays garbage, and I became very passionate about bringing those things back to life in my everyday life. On weekends it's no secret that I'm at the fleas and the antique malls up and down the east coast, at each and every swap meet, flea market, yard sale etc. you bet your bottom dollar there will be wooden crates for sale, or not for sale just used by a dealer to haul his items. I started collecting these crates soley on imagery and or typography that I was attracted to, but soon bought them just for purpose of storage and or shelving. Heres some pics of old wooden crates I found online that I believe empower the ideology of these old "good for every things" not related to good for nuttins'. The coolest part of repurposing them isn't all in he aesthetic, there is a great value in using something that can be recycled if it ever makes it to the trash dump, but a few staples, tack nails, and a hammer is all you will need to keep them ready, willing and able.

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