Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanks for all that have been giving.

Another Thanksgiving is upon us and another day were a bunch of people stand up on their digital soap boxes and rant about how the white man stole this country from the Native American people yada yada yada... Yeah, Yeah I hear you, and the historical actions sadden me as well, but instead of ranting take action and go start making a real difference, go volunteer at a reservation or an organization that helps Native people or any people for that matter that have been affected by cultural, social, or economic destruction. Some things cannot be changed and the past is one of them, but we as people can however change the future through our actions in society, that can exponentially grow like a ripple in the water. Its impressive to think that only a small droplet of water can change the energy of still body of water. Think about the positive changes that can be made to harbor a lost culture, instead of dwelling on the horrific past that has already happened, work on keeping the native american spirit alive through positive exposure of the arts, music, fashion, and ideology of the indigenous people of America. For the longest Ralph Lauren has been Chastised for his use of Native imagery, patterns, and jewelry in his collections, it's easy to put a target on him and blame him for exploiting Native Americans, but it takes an open mind to see it as a homage being paid to these people and lives that were once lived here in America. The flip side to the coin is he has shown his passion for these people and their culture by including and using their patterns and imagery for people to enjoy and wear as a symbol of spiritual strength and expression. It's not like he creates images to use as dart boards or hunting targets, I have always loved his use of Native American heritage it makes sense to me, he is an American Visionary who has not forgotten about a genuine effortless fashion and lifestyle that once blessed this land. It makes me happy when I see people around the world wearing American indian imagery, it means that they feel the connection to native people, and the freedom and spiritual strength of the culture that is no longer. Next time you critique something that you feel is a misrepresentation of a certain individual or people, think about what you as a person have done to help expose these person or persons to the world in a light that people can enjoy and associate with. Thanks for your time in reading this, I write this in hopes to encourage others in society to perform acts of goodness and positivity to help preserve amazing things in our world, instead of letting our society becoming a bunch of complainers that have no sweat equity in the things they are complaining about. Be well! Viva Luxury


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