Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Race of Gentleman 2015

This year's Race of Gentleman was a whole new experience for us, we were on the other side of the barrier this year twisting the throttle chasing speed. This was our 3rd year at the event and each year Bobby and Mel seem to out do themselves. The landscape of of the event really has a great vintage vibe, from the vendors, to the props and obviously the racers and attendees. Our crew is still flying high from the thrills and good times we shared preceding the race getting our bikes ready, the excitement of racing, meeting great people, and after the race comparing notes on what work lies ahead to make our bikes faster. Mark your calendars for the the next TROG event and be sure to get your fannies there or your missing out on "The greatest race on earth." Sincerely yours, Bad luxury Speed Division

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