Monday, January 26, 2009

Ari cease & desist, he can't talk about it but....BADLUX can!

Ari designed one of the coolest pair of sneakers to date, cool is not a word I use loosely, in such a cool guy world we live in. Everyones cool nowadays aren't they? I mean for christ sakes you can buy cool just about everywhere, urban outfitters usually has good sales on cool, if your interested. Back to Ari, and his cool meaning Kool project. He took everyday corporate icons and did a little play on icon flipping and flopping, picked a theme and dropped an amazing piece of wearable art. The details on this project were too good. Yes, they did come with the silver foil paper inside! Here he talks a little about it in this trailer for what looks to a be short film about the legal issues that he was dealt after making the sneakers. Weird that he would receive a C&D from both companies about logo infringement issues, yet they have never sent each other C&D's.

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