Monday, January 19, 2009

It ain't no mystery, tomorrow is His Story!

This one is my personal favorite, it has so much more meaning, beyond just the thread and the ink, the Bad Brains imagery is such a strong rebelious icon, and the bad brains being a black punk rock band in a mostly white Punk scene, that broke down the color barriers and helped mold The golden age of NY hardcore and punk music as we know it today. Fast forward 2008/9 and an African American president is being inagurated tomorrow, and to me he is that lightning bolt that is cracking the white house as we know it, and hopefully he will mold a new America were we can look past color and prejudice, and move forward with new ideas of hope and change as one nation of Americans united. Whether you wear a shirt with a "blue collar" or a "white collar" underneath we all wear tshirts, and in those tee shirts we all share the same fears and dreams, as humans. This presidency is more then just a class difference, it's a matter of us, as a country getting back on it's feet and being the greatest place on the planet to live and be free.

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