Saturday, January 10, 2009

Imma throwBACK to the old school..

By now you know Bad luxury is saturated in the lifestyles of counter culture, and the arts that go along with those cultures, whether it be the music, fashions, or art. These were denim jackets worn in the 80's by BBOYS, Fitti' writers and people who were deeply rooted in the hip hop movement at the time. These jackets were hand painted with acrylic or paint markers. To me they are amazing, and a pure sense of individualism of self expression, mixed with fashion and art. In this day in age it would be rare to see someone walking around with A piece of artwork they made on their clothing, which makes little sense to me in the fact that we will pay top dollar to buy clothing with logos of big companies plastered on them, and in an essence you are promoting that brand for free, while getting nothing back from them at all, but a false reality of social status, but during this time period it was a mere staple to wear hand decorated and self promotional clothing. And for many who wrote Fitti' or were in different breakdancing crews, deejays, and mcees it was a personal advertisement of how dope you were or what crew you rolled with for anyone who saw it. This was A time before corporate money sank their claws into hip hop and made it into a consumer market. At it's roots it was a culture that derived from little to nothing and people used what little they had in their surroundings to create a new music, dance moves, and art.
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Style Crew jacket I painted after getting into that club in 2002. In retrospect the letters are too techy for the style of the jacket but, but none the less I like it. Besides the techy letters I tried to pay homage to the traditional style of these jackets.

Jacket I painted for a friend in Japan...

This was taken early 2000's on south street, philadelphia. We ran into the anti graffiti network workers buffing graffiti and we started messing with them and were taunting and poking fun at them, and we took a bunch of pics with them, this is only one of them. After a few minutes they realized what was going on and got a little agitated, and didn't want to play the goof on the anti workers game anymore, however we did manage to get a free Phila. anti graffiti network painters hat from them...Youthful Bliss!

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