Thursday, November 26, 2009

There will never be justice on stolen land....

Last month My Grandmom passed on to her next journey, she was the "last of the mohicans" so to say in my direct bloodline. She was 100% Oneida- Iroquois native american. Her brother my great uncle Alec is the last of her direct bloodline. My heritage is slowly being dissolved into the melting pot lineage of America as we know it today. Thanksgiving is a great day of celebration in America, families travel from afar to be together and share time together, a few laughs and a few stories to carry on family legacy. I am no exception to that trait (football, food ,sleep), I also think that it is important to reflect on this day and how and why it derived. I try to make a thanksgiving post that will bring forth a new life lesson from an old thought. Viva Native Americana!!!!

Get home safe MomMom..Love you!

Too many indians and not enough chiefs...If you look close you will see the chief in the middle.

family ties....

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