Friday, August 19, 2011

A good friend of mine recently opened A coffee shop in the Queen Village/Bella Vista area of Philadelphia, your average coffee club it is not. The place has A great feel with all the attention paid to detail in it's decor, I personally love the old Tastykake factory cafeteria style lunch table seating. Mat is also doing way cool stuff with the shop, he has had A few evening discussions on the topic of vintage baseball jerseys and history related to... There is A very intellectual feel associated to Shot Tower which is the yang that fits the ying when sharing A cup of coffee with A fellow neighbor or stranger. Even the name itself was well thought out and a homage to An icon in that particular neighborhood, that most people aren't aware of. The shot Tower was an old ammunition manufacturing factory. Shot Towers' latest project involves A native Philadelphia artist Stephen Powers, that Mat has A good working friendship with, and A limited print that Steve did for the shop. Stop in and pick one up.
Official related to Afficial Press release

Hey there friends of Shot Tower Coffee! We are announcing the first release in an ongoing artist print series. Each quarter we will bring a limited edition artist print from fellow coffee enthusiasts. Leading off is Shot tower pal, fellow coffee junkie, and Philly native son, Steve "ESPO" Powers. On Saturday August 27th we will release a limited run of 60, signed and numbered by ESPO, original prints created for Shot Tower Coffee only. We are located on 542 Christian Street, on the corner of 6th Street. The print is currently hanging in the cafe, stop by to hate, admire, or inquire.

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