Saturday, August 13, 2011

NEON...not related to American Apparel hipster outfits...

Way before the 80's neon fashion trend wave came crashing ashore, for its first trendy go round there was A time when neon meant something totally different. It was an actual craft and artistry that was displayed across the American city and rural landscapes meant to draw an attraction to the attraction... Neon was used as an extra alluring highlight to accompany usually A hand painted detailed sign that would be outlined with neon tubing filled with gas that would light up bright at night and with its minimal shape would have an easy iconic recognition of the theme that was meaning to be portrayed. I have traveled and photographed many of these signs across the country, been to museums filled with old signs and even early neon technologies of when the craft was first being used. I have A love for imagery that is simple and minimal yet all the right lines are used to capture what you want to be imagined by the onlooker. Neon signage is the epitomy of that particular formula and art. This art is slowly disappearing from our advertising world, being replaced by CORPORATE imagery that is boring and has practically no artistic value on society. I found these images online just to make this post i will have to dig through my pics and get some up in the near future to share with everyone.
Sidenote: My friend and fellow Luxador- Insatnt Sleep sent me that amazing photo we are using for the new BAD LUX header, the email said ..."right up your alley" and in so many ways he is right! Our family just made A huge move back to the suburbs to raise kids and live out our little piece of the American dream, and when I opened up the email and saw that pic it was more of an inspiration to myself of the direction I want to go with my life, I sat and looked at it and made instant comparisons of my life to that of the one in the picture, and it made me smile.

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JJ said...

Nice to see the iconic neon signs still around!!!!