Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bloggio from the Bellagio..more vegas BABY!

Even Harley davidson has gone green.

The new frontier Sign about to be demolished, another classic bites the dust.

Year of the rat........................Never That! snitching is never in on my calendar!

My cheeseburger was dressed better then some of the idiots at Magic, well, it was bought at Nieman marcus. High end cheeseburgers in 08' its not what you wear its what you ate!

Be like Mike...

World famous classic neon lighting style that made Vegas what it was, before the disney-esque takeover. They both are cool.

Anytime you see all these cranes it's a good thing, Union Wages! We built these cities on rock n roll.

Players Only Live Once... POLO TOWERS in the city of players, you gotta play to win!

Awesome old style pepsi ad, If you keep your eyes open you can see old remnants of these style ads on old buildings in every city, done by the old sign painters, this is a lost art. the nickname for these artist was (wall dogs.)

They just got done building ghostfaces new bracelet and here it is...

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LEDNeonFlex said...

Great pics!

Las Vegas needs more flashy
Neon Lighting
I think.