Saturday, February 2, 2008

Goode vs. Evel

Who's good and who's evil? you be the judge.....
Mayor Wislon "GOODE"

As a kid I remember seeing the news video of the Philly police dropping a bomb on people, and their home. I remember asking my mom why, and she couldn't explain it to me. As life went by it made sense to me, on why it happened, any signs of living against the system and you will be eliminated. I am by far an activist or anything, but I've seen it throuought my life. This was the first memory I have of the system vs. the people.
Goode's tenure as mayor was marred by the MOVE controversy, in which police attempted to clear a building in West Philadelphia inhabited by a radical back-to-nature group whose members, under the leadership of founder John Africa, had long been a nuisance to the city by ignoring city sanitation codes and barricading themselves in houses when law enforcement came to enforce them. The police action, however, caused the house to catch fire, igniting a massive blaze which eventually consumed almost an entire city block, killed 11 people, and left 240 people homeless.
[edit]Anti-graffiti efforts

Goode set up the Philadelphia Anti-Graffiti Network in January 1984 to combat the spread of graffiti in Philadelphia.

"Evel" Knievel..r.i.p
An American Icon

On the flipside of things I ponder back to my younger years and Evel Knievel was somebody i wanted to be. He was one of the first idols in my life. Evel picked himself up after failure, and injury, and attempted it again only bigger and badder..That is an inspiration in itself. His image was too cool he looked like a super hero dressed in a suit representing America, and his superpower was Dare, he made the thought of a huge challenge look small.
Rest in peace to a Legend!

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