Friday, February 22, 2008

friday pics mix.....

the burner the ratchet the hatchet the gadget the tool the pistol the gat the cannon the 4pound the popper, the stopper the what up now? them thing things the steel the flamer the torch the banger the clack clacker the piece the hammer the biscuit the strap the pipe the clapper the glock the tec the heater or simply just GUN..

Beware...pick pockets too..

Fremont st. pretty neat...

Did a lot of this...

Meliss thought I was a wierdo for taking this picture...

Til I showed her this. If you know me then you know why this pic is super ill, old lady in a nice dress with colorful air max's Truely the definition of BAD LUXURY!

Really good street graffiti on the street in Las vegas..Rime Fucking Rules.

Bathroom Graffiti from the Fantastik swapmeet in las vegas.

Tattoos from this older guy i work with, If you live in the delaware valley then you have definetly seen this tattoo, a sure shot classic, love it. Knockout Ned is on alot of arms in philadelphia, and it is usually accompanied by a neighborhood written under it.

classic old school panther head.

Bad ass old school skull n bones with something scribbled out underneath, I didnt ask!

Lewy Love home from Seattle, a little tranqued from his homeade Brew that he calls ILLEWSION. If you drink it this is what happens to you...World famous Apollo pizza mini on the table and that is not oregano next to it neither.. I think they call that the giggle bush.