Sunday, April 20, 2008


Just got back from the barber shop, got me a fresh new cut...

On my way home I stopped by a local watering hole, to drown my sorrows, Boy was i thirsty!

The thing that pisses me off about drinking.........

Heres a photo of my newest tattoo i got it done at the tattoo convention the guy who did it was really good, he hooked me up too, I only had to pay 750 bucks. The best part about it is it's going to be with me forever.

Got home and had a bone to pick with the wifey. She was mad that we couldn't go shopping because I was out all day doing my thing, getting my hair cut, tatted, the bar.

She said she would leave me if I wasn't so HANDsome...Hey what can I say?

Well afterall tomorrow is monday and I am so excited to get back to work to start another week of the daily grind.

It's an exciting week too, Pennsylvannia's primary is tuesday, And im really torn on who to vote for Bill or Hill..

This election is very important to me because of the gun control issues, Heck with the healthcare and tax breaks. Next thing you know they will be trying to ban my motorbreath lifestyle.

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