Wednesday, April 16, 2008

You don't have to wait til the weekend to get TWISTED...

Heres a few videos of one of the most amazing artist of our time. When I was younger i couldn't get enough of his work, I traveled to San Francisco after graduating high school in 1995, and going back again 4 more times after that. I saw a lot of his work first hand on the streets were he was doing it. We have all heard of him by now, and seen his work, but to see the work that he put in on the streets in San fran and numerous other cities in person will always stick in my mind. As the world turns comes older age and more responsibility, He found his niche in the art world and ran with it. He is well deserving of his success in the art world venture. His early art was done in public totally free spirited for the people to enjoy. His style was original, distinct and clean and had so much emotion and meaning. I have followed his career in graff and in the art world, and he always keeps things moving. If you haven't heard about TWIST or Barry Mcgee get informed to an incredible artist that continues to stay ahead of the curve and inspire others to follow. Keep an eye out in your travels too, he has a lot of work still living on the streets in major cities and towns around the world. It might be a sticker on a newspaper box with a twister tag and punchline to accompany it, A silver paintmarker tag, an oil bar marker moniker on a fr8 train, or a spray painted black and white screw, that is his icon hence the word twist! Margaret Kilgallen was Twist's wife and she passed away from cancer a few years ago, and she was an amazing artist as well.

R.I.P Margaret Kilgallen

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