Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rest in peace...Frosty Freeze!

Freeze to please was from a time when hip hop was young and original, a time before every rappers name started with "YOUNG", A time when style was being tested and developed. He was A legend in the hip hop community, proven through decades of pizazz, and style in his BBOYING. He was a member of rock steady crew, an original and world renound crew. The BBOY lifestyle is almost a lost art, today the culture is so watered down and removed from the street culture were it began. Frosty Freeze to me was a legend who carried on an amazing culture. It is sad to see these kind of people die, because it is like really watching hip hop die. Imagine the stories he had, of almost 4 decades of hip hop culture and watching it evolve from kids learning cool moves on cardboard in alleys, into the multi billion dollar industry it is today. check out these videos to see for yourself of why this cat was so respected. I see him in that interview as an adult, and looking at him you can see the little kid in him :)

You know we are always trying to teach the young ones here at bad luxury so heres another interactive abc lesson..Edutainment!

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