Wednesday, April 30, 2008

West Philly...were i spent most of my day!

Like I said in a previous post, I document a lot of stuff from my job, I get to travel around the city and tri state area alot, here are a few pics from todays job in West Philly.

Here is the West Philly wreath, it also matches the wip. The crib match the wip, nahmean!
click to enlarge.

A little bit of A closer shot, The double hubcap wreath is so bonkerzonkers...

Old wall writing from old students of the school I was working in, The school was built in 1917, and has recently been converted to apts, but these were remnents of the spirit of youths in love, didn't have a date but im going to guess and say 80's.

This doormat was outside of one of the apts. Pretty funny, unless it's only me that has a ornery mind and it's gone fishing?

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