Monday, May 11, 2009

where I been, what I have seen, What I think, What I am up U care? IB4U, no relation to ub40..

Lets dive into this..Vintage under water equipment... What I would do to wear that yellow suite and drive that iron fish looking thing and travel 20,000 leagues beneath the sea, and forget about all the recession blues!

Ooooooohkaaaaaay.....(click pic for LOL)

Vintage scoot, olde city!

My newest work in progress......

Bad Look Good luxury..whatever that means, I think you get my point!

Vintage barber shop signs from jamaica and Africa, peep the nike clippers! Hand painted, and the details in the fades are rad!

This was an African throne made from bottle caps...pop the bottle and twist the cap!

When I die bury me in A benzo...

Tim Diet shines like ultra violet..Philadelphia, Pa. March 09' His paintings are super clean and usually funny, or nostalgic, like art should be! Pop Art no relation to pop tart!

This picture was posted on a forum I frequent. Train tracks in the Kensington section of North philadelphia, a notorious dope polluted area. This picture breaks my heart, If anyone has ever dealt with addiction themselves or in their family, then you know the hurt that comes along with the addiction. All the needles in the tree remind me of people that are heading down a bad road, and doing things to themselves and others that are hurtful. I don't know why i posted this pic, but i just felt I had too it impacted me when I saw it.

Good fitti'


holden_caulfield said...

That tree photo reminds me of my neighborhood right now, i've been seeing crazy shit like this almost every day recently...

Viva Luxury. said... makes me so sad, I grew up around addiction and it really is just a sore spot for me. I posted it because I felt emotion when I saw it posted on SW.