Monday, May 25, 2009

To all who have served the country we call home....Thank You!

It's no secret that I am an american loyalist, and believe in the values, and freedoms that makes America the greatest place to live on earth. I've spoke on it before, that I come from a family that has a lot of servicemen, mostly Marines(even 2 female marines), and from an early age I was taught about the valor and respect that our soldiers have displayed throughout history to protect our lives back home. I was talking to a vietnam veteran last week at a motorcycle shop, who was telling me how hard it was to come home from war being shot, seeing your friends killed, basically living in hell, and to have our own people calling them baby killers and savages. That is cowardly and ignorant, and unacceptable. War is not pretty and it is not fair sometimes, but it is A reality in this cold world we live in. its easy to sit back smoke some pot, and say peace is the answer, but unfortunately thats not reality, we are dealing with scary people that aren't about giving peace a chance, and are willing to murder and kill as many as possible to achieve their goals. I don't want to rant, but just be aware that the news and media aren't always giving us the whole story, good or bad, and watching war on tv is a lot easier to do then to be there dealing with real threats each and every day you wake up, all for the cost of the country you believe in. The reason I wrote this blog entry is to ask you to think about the people that have died and the families that they left behind, and what seeing the war on tv means to them versus those of us who have no direct ties to friends or family that have died serving the our country. I think Obama's speech today was moving and heartfelt, Im sure the critics will pick it apart, but it impacted me, and made me stop and think about all the thousands of individual stories of heroism, that have been shown by men and women protecting our freedoms. Heres a clip I couldn't find the entire speech, but Its worth a search on youtube if your bored or interested on our new leaders perspective on the lives he is in control of.

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