Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ta2....related to Taz!

The infamous Taz tattoo.... Love it or hate it, it's iconic in tattoo history. Last year Johnny Gues and I went and got tattooed from Tom n Jerry, 2 old time tattooers, who are well versed in their tattoo history. Jerry was telling us about his experiences tattooing the TAZ on people. It was a staple street tattoo that he had done a lot of, and had a lot of respect for it. Growing up locally in a blue collar surrounding, and being in the construction trades myself I have seen a lot of older guys with TAZ tattoos. I personally love them, and after hearing the story from Jerry I have an even deeper appreciation for the TAZ. He told me in the late 70's maybe 80's some hot shot tattooer was trying to campaign himself as some type of super tattoo artist, above the rest of the tattoo community, and he was camapigning a logo that had a TAZ with the (\) "NO" around it. Basically saying that he is beyond the TAZ. Well Jerry's response to that was f*%k him I made a lot of money off that tattoo and as a real street shop, The TAZ is a good tattoo. Well I agree, the TAZ is a bad ass old school tattoo that is what a tattoo should be, outline, little color, little humor, little Badness, and even though TAZ is a cartoon he symbolizes a wild one. Heres a little ode to the little terror! If you ever consider getting a TAZ or seeing some super cool old school TAZ flash stop in Tom & Jerry's on 4th street in Philadelphia, right off South Street. Unfortunately Tom recently passed away, but Jerry is still there banging out Classic tattoos the same way they were doing it 30 some years ago.


Michael Joseph said...

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Michael Joseph said...

added more pics.............check em out!