Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tattoosdaze and confused...Flashbacks anyone?

As an extension to to the tattoosday posts I have decided to bring to light another side of tattoo art and tattoo culture, I am by no means A tattoo expert or historian, but I do appreciate it and have A real passion for its past and present traditions. I personally only collect tattoos, and I am not A tattooer, however I am priveldged to be friends with people that have grown up in tattoo families, and have made tattooing A career, long before TATTOOMANIA hit television, and mainstream. Starting off this weeks TATTOOSDAY-FLASHBACK not related to LSD, but for some it may be, I have chose A few sheets of flash that I found to be BADLUX oriented, not much age in the paintings but there is A lot of homage paid through redoing old designs with newer ideas and themes. Tattoo flash has always caught my eye, for many reasons...Theme based usually, a lil' humor usually, and innovating past classics with new twists.
Fitti' Flash...

CN flat tat???

Rebirth of slick cause TAZ is cool like dat!

Bart reaper, need I say more...

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