Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Biker prom 2011

Two days before rts I decided I should build my first wheel. I tore my wheel down and tossed the 19" rim to the wayside in the garage, but when I tried to lace the 21" rim to my hub I realized the spokes I was planning on using wouldn't do the job. Overnight shipping from Buchanan's and we were back in business, sort of. We laced the wheel, got it close to true and I brought it over to the tire guy to wrap it up and balance it. Tossed the wheel back on the bike, and took a ride down the block. It tracked straight but had a sketchy ass wobble. It had to do and I figured it would be fine. Lesson learned, trued wheels are important. Philly to Baltimore and back with shot nerves thinking I was within moments of an exploding death wobble wheel. Good times.

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