Friday, May 20, 2011

What the fuxury?

Those that know A little bit about me know that My wife and I frequent the auction on A weekly basis, tonight was quite the experience at our local auction house. We got there late from dinner looking to get A bid in on one of the 2 Louis Vuitton steamer trunks at auction tonight, but to our surprise we walked in during the middle of A bidding war that was at A "HOLY TOLDEO BATMAN" price of $93,000. Obviously I wanted to see what the heck was doing those numbers, to my surprise it was 3 little library steps made by George Nakashima. I have been to Nakashima auctions before and I was in the know that his older stuff was very collectible and drew A pretty penny, but I wasn't in the know that his stuff drew those kind of dollar dollar bills yall! The auction ended at $104,000 and the place erupted in applause at the intense bidding that had just taken place between A phone bid and A gentleman in the room. $104k + 17% buyers fee + 6% sales tax = Top Billin' what more can I say!!!! George Nakashima an American born japanese artist captures something that I found very prevelant during my visit to japan, and that is staying close to nature in it's original form, he utilizes that Philosophy and mixes it with clean modern design that ends up being A beautiful piece of art with purpose and use. Coolest part about G. Nakashima his woodworking shop is located in New Hope, Pa. in A northeastern suburb of Phila. in Bucks County, now I know why it's called Bucks County. Most of his popular works were created out of that studio/shop. If you live in the tri state area do check out his studio!!!!

for 104k these steps could be yours..Lux meaning you better have good lucks and win at the casino or hit the Lotto...

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