Wednesday, May 11, 2011

imported from....Detroit!!!

Since I was young I remember my father, uncles and their friends reminiscing about the ol' 68 Merc, or the 57 chevy, or the 65 this and the 63 that. As I got older I learned what these cars looked like, and more importantly what they meant in America's history. I grew up in A hot rod family notorious in my neighborhood for "hellrides" in which american muscle cars were driven at top speeds through winding rural backroads by my uncles high and drunk, even til this day I'll meet people and they will be like "man I thought I was going to die in that car, or I pissed myself i was so scared!!!!" Thinking back the other day about the current state of America, and domestic manufacturing of automobiles, and goods in general it dawned on me that back then, There only was American cars, the roads were full of american cars built by american people bought and sold in America. That whole cycle kept A generous flow of money being recycled in respected areas, but most notable being recycled here in the USA. This post is in honor of my uncles and their pals, and A golden time in America when young Americans were just being young Americans.
Oh the metalic fonts they just scream MADE IN USA!

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