Saturday, May 14, 2011

internet excursion recap.

As usual the other day I was killing time losing myself in the internet, blog after blog, search after search. Every once in a while you land somewhere or find something that really grabs you and the next thing you know you've been looking more and more into the topic and boom an hour or 2 has gone by. Last night was no different, wasting some time away when I landed on these.

Sportsmans Razor Blades manufactured by John Hudson Moore, Inc NY,NY. From what I read these were from somewhere between 1940s & 50s

Its always cool to see who and where people get their inspiration from. When I first saw this artwork instantly the shirt became one of my all-time favorites. I'm not positive but I believe the original work may be by Carl Broomal who did work for Sportsmans Grooming Essentials/John Hudson Moore, Inc at that time..but who knows?..if you do, drop me a line.

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Viva Luxury. said...

rad post and I believe they also used the Duck graphic as well...