Sunday, December 11, 2011

Knit wit..

Tis the season, Knit sweater season that is. This post is a look at the american vision and imagery that Ralph Lauren has embellished year after year in every color, theme, material, and size, most of the time on a HAND KNIT sweater. I have collected POLO clothing for a very long time, and the graphic pieces were always the most exciting, because they had a nickname to accompany the piece, or just the plain graphic itself was full of imagery that inspired me to be in to new things that I wouldn't have found on my own. Ralph Lauren's clothing has opened up my mind to new and more luxurious lifestyles that were not always tangible to me. I don't want to get off the beaten path of this post with how much POLO clothing has inspired me and most of my friends, but rather just a close up on one particular staple in his winter line year after year. There have always been strong images of fun times associated with the winter solstice placed throughout Ralph Lauren winter garments. I collected many of these knits until a flood in my basement about 7 years ago wiped out over 20 sweaters and just about killed me, luckily the indianhead was barely damaged and A little hand dye job on the sleeve and it was selvedged . Slowly over the years I have rebought some and even bought some new ones or ones I didn't have before. I never really got over having all my knits ruined, so my collection is still not what it was, but it didn't stop my admiration for these pieces. Here are a good amount of knit graphics through the years from all of the different Ralph Lauren lines. Most of them capture American pastimes that have been on the ropes in the last decade, but there seems to be an American resurgence, and who better to lead the way then one of the most stylish American icons ever RL.
Indy's,dogs, sleds, skis,crests,ididarod,teddies,moose, buffalo,sportsman,mallards,equestrian,cowboys,flags,trucks,snowflakes,snowshoes,sleighs,christmas trees, skating, elk,pheasant,canoes,sports,skulls..........

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