Saturday, December 24, 2011

Passing of time, and place...but its always nice to revisit every once in a while.

A few old family photos from my mom's side...My moms family lived in Media, Pa in a cookie cutter neighborhood of middle class working families, the only thing was they had horses and farm animals on their property which drove the neighbors bonkers, and finally with the little influence from the neighborhood they moved to a 50+ acre farm in Nottingham, Pa. were they had room for the 5 girls, horses, dogs, cats, etc... My grandfather was very proud of this place he called home, and raised my mom and her sisters very tough, while working on the farm. This is a work ethic that my mom still carries on til this day. These were golden years in my elder families life, shortly after tragic events took place in which my mom lost both of her parents, and they were taken from their farm and moved to family back in Media, Pa. I wanted to celebrate A beautiful time in my moms and aunts life with this post, because they all light up with joy when they talk about living on the farm... If you are ever bored and in search of a nice country cruise fill up at your local gasolina and take a ride out to Oxford-Nottingham Pennsylvania area. I haven't been in years but I would always love to take the ride out there to see their old house and barn, which was just one amongst many of sorts that graced that area.
Xmas on the farm...Nottingham, Pa the 50's (Pop pop)

My awesome aunts and pop pop...Tinsel tree!

My mom and aunt in front of their house in Nottingham, Pa. early 60's...

And my great grandfather was a trainman for the railroad...I have his railroad ID card for the yard in south Philadelphia.

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