Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The apple doesn't fall far from the tree or so they say.. While looking back at my inherited or learned behavioral patterns, it is very clear as to where my collector passions were planted, bloomed and had light shined upon. Last week while visiting my mom I decided to take a few pics of her "Bear" room. She has an entire room just themed with bears, all styles, brands, shapes, sizes, and materials. She has always collected as far back as I can remember, we always had a printers box hanging in our house filled with all types of miniatures, and rare antique pieces that she had picked up either trash picking, thrift shopping, flea marketing, or from friends. As a young one I was sort of embarrassed by the trash picking, and thrift shopping, and couldn't understand why we just didn't go buy new things like normal people. Well, lets just say that at 34 years old I am the opposite of embarrassed of my mom, and her nostalgic, and thrifty ways. In fact I have trash picked, thrifted, and collected my way right past her. (She doesn't have an ebay account, and I do!!!!) This Bear room means so much to me, and who I am in so many ways, I mean who doesn't like teddy bears I've seen the hardest of thugs in polo teddy bear sweaters, they are the epitome of being lovable and huggable, just like my mom, and her creative and fun spirit in having them displayed, and dedicating an entire room to just teddies, and even more important having worked hard at owning her own home were she could have a room just filled with bears, at one point in our life we just lived in a single room, and its been a long hard road to get to were she is today and that is the biggest inspiration in me finding my way in life. I just wanted to post a personal story to take a break from the fashion,fitti,tattoo,moto, humor madness to encourage others to embrace things in their life that may not seem like they are cool or even embarrasing at the time, cause one day looking back it may make you smile. I smile every time I think about how much I am like my mom...
MommaBairmax is here too.

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