Wednesday, March 28, 2012

back at it...still bad with the luxmatic.

As of lately...
spotted along a local hike...AKA Vinntage's new back yard!

Love 2 F#$%..

A failure of a day didn't get to use the AK...Not to mention they were all sold out of fleas! the sign was cool the goods inside were not related to good!

This showed up via text one night from my friend Mat Derago, he was at a friends house in NYC!

He also sent me this it's such a cool pic on so many levels, him fishing in Bucks county! I may need to cast a few lines with him this summer!

883 K-model sportster waiting to go to a good home at a friends garage.

Roller with no the Oneida Teepee.

Lettering North Philly...

"Your bike smells like WW2" the best comment I've ever been told about my mot cycle. R. Jones

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