Monday, March 19, 2012

full mental jacket...

In the confines of war there is not much room for self expression nor is there a forum on to which one can demonstrate inner feelings, that doesn't mean that those feelings didn't exist there just wasn't time or place to self express when trying to play the old game of kill or be killed. Little scrawlings, doodles, patches, stickers or whatever else you could think of were sported on the M-1 Helmet a.ka. the "steel pot" of a US soldier. During WW2 airplane nose art was the creative avenue of expression that will be remembered, but in the Vietnam war it was the camouflage covered helmets and what was on them that will be remembered by those that were there, and those that want to understand the fear and mental state when at war. There are 2 very iconic images that I believe attribute my interest in this little niche of american history, the earliest memory was growing up and watching full metal jacket over and over with my uncles, I can practically recite the whole movie backwards, and those that know me personally know that is a feat in itself. The 2nd memory would be The Smiths Meat is murder album cover in which they switched the words to read "MEAT IS MURDER" I felt that it was a way strong image and it looked like it belonged there and paralleled the atrocities of war to the vegetarian outlook that Morrissey was trying to imply about killing animals. To me these are almost like little stories told through minimal words and images that tell a story of a person in in a place not so comfortable.

Make Peace not war!

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