Saturday, March 3, 2012

factory teams..Made in USA

To hell with cowboys and indians, lets talk Harleys and Indians A rivalry that goes back to the early 1900's when the motors roared on the tracks to herald the glory of being the fastest american motorcycle company. This rivalry lasted on and off the tracks, it went in to sales and popularity as well. As WW2 kicked in to high gear both companies shifted focus to manufacturing for the war, and not so much speed and ingenuity on the civilian front. Indian the motorcycle company was short lived after the war, and Harley prospered to be the household motorcycle name that still stands today. Indian may have went out of business but the rivalry still stands to those that are loyal to Americas first motorcycle company, and those loyalists will be quick to toss out a slick remark about A harley at any chance that presents itself. Lil' Hatchet and I are infatuated with this era, and it is very evident in his latest bike build. This post is for Den, a few pics (that you most likely have saved already on your computer) that I thought helped capture the rivalry of 2 American cycle companies and the battles on the boards and dirt that was.

"God rides a Harley Davidson, but he is looking for an Indian" I've always liked that little smart ass shot at H-D!!!

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