Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My friend Brian was in town from Florida, for our homies wedding I spoke of in an earlier post. Now, to bring you up to speed with were this is going, Brian along with another friend of ours decided to go get tattooed in some guys basement in 1995 in our graduating year of high school. At that time there was a lot of giggle bush being smoked, and Bob Marley was in heavy rotation amongst our group of friends. Myself included I love Bob Marley, even to this day, and getting a Bob tattoo is not out of my relm of thinking, pondered it a few times myself I'm sure. The only pitfall to this story is the Bob Marley tattoo Brian got looked pretty grim, even reminiscent of a homeless caveman street person. His chiclets were all messed up and goofy looking, and it pretty much was a grade F failure. For the longest it was a joke for us to ask him to show us the tat so we could all get a chuckle. The longest kept on going even into our thirties at the wedding, were he was asked to show good ol' Bob, and we all gandered in amusement at the now green bum he had immortalized on his arm. He was pretty bummed and said he wanted to get it covered for the longest, well I went to my rolodex in search of a magician that could make that green street person disappear from my friends arm, Low and behold Johnny Gues the electric tattoo maker said he would entertain the task. We decided to leave the wedding and head to Olde City Tattoo to see what could become of ol' Bobby boy. J. Gues went to the lab and brought back a big panther that could handle the job. After reaching into his top hat and a few puffs of smoke and stars, Bob had vanished and right before our eyes was the panther. Once again Johnny Gues is on the job like the mob! He also did this little 3d dirt bird on Lil' chris from OCTattoo, It rules the school.


Marty-Olde City Tattoo..I like funny little tats!

third dimension.... J. Gues-Olde city tats

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