Sunday, September 27, 2009

working for the weekend...

I guess the title suites these photos well, for the mere fact that every weekend, my wife and I venture out of the city to different rural destinations mostly vintage shopping, and sight seeing, but the most important fact is that we are spending time together. This week will be 7 years that we are together, and we started dating in the fall, so fall has become "our season" as we like to say.
Weekends for most are filled with a lot of R & R, not the case for me, my weekends are treks in the car or on foot, sometimes more tiresome then a days work. Heres a few pictorials of our weekend journeys.

Venus fly trapper....

Bat Bones.

Dewdrops in the garden...

Flower power.

Life moves at such a fast pace, and time flies, but I once read that to be happy in life, you need to stop and smell the roses.

shadows are just real life wannabees...

In the symphony of Angel trumpets

Farmers market fresh....

I been going to my lil' cousins football games on saturday mornings, I miss those days, I played football for a long time over 10 years, and I still get nostalgic in the fall, when I smell the fresh cut grass. (My 2 cuzzo's lil' vin vin and Mario)

Waterfalls in the fall.

Retired workhorse, sleeping in the meadow.

perhaps some day'

pretty cool Kawi, borderline rat bike, but with a classical twist!

Our boy Lew got married over the summer out west, but had a wedding party a few weeks ago, It is always nice to get together with the kids you grew up with.

Hay Hay my my Meliss...

Orange you ready for halloween?

Lewy love acting up while cutting his wedding cake, just like the good ol' days...he rivals Jim Carey with the facial expressions.

Hot doggin' rt. 322

Terrain....neat place!

Electric wizardry at the Renaissance fair...

related to the pistols... because if you ask Steven Patrick the Queen is Dead!

Owls are super cool! Meliss took these photos!

Farmers market dinner...

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