Tuesday, May 25, 2010

awesome dude tatoosday..

Stopped by AWESOME DUDES PRINTING, their new location is Aplus with more space, filled with motorcycles plenty of other random sillyness, and awesomeness. Hung with Ralph for a few and tried to cram 6 months worth of catching up in about a half hour. He recently got some new toos from a friend of ours Steven Fowley that is finishing up his apprenticeship, and doing some solid tatters. If you need concert posters, or tees, or anything else that may need to be screen printed due holler atcha' boys over at Awesome dudes printing, there name is their address...(old Philly advertising related) on the internet that is...

This is the reason for my visit to the shop, A few of the Bad Luxperts got together and made this happen...On sale thursday at various locations throughout the City of Brotherly Love, and on the internet through email.
Details to come, and this is the beginning of us trying to make a comeback of dry goods and accessories alike.
Peace. I guess I can't wear my Blackhawks hat for a while....lol

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sportstalk radio 610 am
Television-Marquee moon
Im not there- soundtrack...

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