Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is here too...

He was here, he was there and pretty much everywhere but the electric chair during WW2 and his name was KILROY! This little guy popped up in almost all places that American G.I's where stationed during wartime in WW2. Kilroy didn't stop showing up places after the war ended, he continued his famous stakes of being here or there even in post wartime America, and throughout Europe. Present day is not even safe from this infamous character of sorts, call him an urban legend, or a made up myth, call him what you want, but at the end of the day Kilroy was here is American Folklore and American fitti' at that!
Long before the Internet made viral marketing a cinch, one long-nosed little character named Kilroy made his way around the world the old-fashioned way, becoming a legend among the millions of military men and women who served during World War II. The rudimentary doodle, which featured a balding head peering over a wall along with the tag "Kilroy Was Here," popped up in unexpected places across all of the theaters of war visited by American troops.
While competitions to inscribe the graffiti in obscure locations kept the battle-weary soldiers busy and its appearances kept them inspired, the mysterious Kilroy character had Japanese intelligence officers and even Hitler himself worried over the seemingly ubiquitous guy. Reportedly spurred by an American dockworker, the "Kilroy Was Here" fad was an iconic part of World War II and 1940s lore.

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